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Once the framework for your overall Digital Strategy is in place, it is time to look at Solutioning. Our technology strategists will perform a targeted workload analysis for specific initiatives. When all the parameters are understood, the Digital Specialists will apply design thinking while considering the unique needs and systems of the organisation. We evaluate the needs and functions of all the systems linked to the initiative and identify priorities in order to build a migration plan. This migration plan takes many factors into account including the day-to-day business needs of your company, corporate communications and online or cloud considerations, people, process, technology coverage, legacy systems upgrades, your peak business cycles and change-control. By designing a solution which takes all these factors into consideration, it ensures that the digital initiative links to the overall transformation Roadmap, and can be developed and seamlessly implemented in the Digital Delivery phase with minimal down-time. Our Solutioning offering can form part of a full Digital Transformation package, or as a separate service.                 

Digital Transformation Delivery comprises Transformation, Implementation, Change Management, and finally the Managed Services. It is the point where we take the Digital Solution and put it into action through infrastructure, application and data migration, and further platform configuration to get your solution live. This is all supported by change management covering all aspects of people, process, and technology, ensuring that your organisation is ready to embrace the new technology in support of enhanced customer experience. We also offer ongoing management and maintenance services of your solution whether this is in the Cloud or in a Hybrid environment, providing support and platform-specific services long after implementation. A cross-check to your Digital Transformation Strategy as well as your larger Roadmap will form an important part of the processes and milestones at this stage. Although this is the final step for a solution, this is not the final step in the journey. The solutioning and delivery stages can be repeated for each initiative, using the Digital Strategy and Roadmap as the guiding framework throughout the journey. DEXPLOIC is committed to be your partner throughout this exiting and ongoing journey of Digital Transformation.